The US coast is threatened by a powerful tsunami

This conclusion was made by American oceanographers, who studied the bottom near the coast of Alaska.

One of the signs of the formation of the future tsunami was the discovery of a geological structure – a harbinger of all major natural disasters of this kind. Even with a small displacement, the oceanic lithospheric plate can give an impetus to the formation of a huge wave.

The expedition was held at one of the points of contact between the oceanic and continental lithospheric plates, not far from the islands of Shumagin, 1000 km from the American city of Anchorage on the peninsula of Alaska.

Seismic profiling showed that a huge fracture formed between the plates – more than 150 kilometers in length and up to 30 kilometers in depth. If the process of subduction (collision and creep of one lithospheric plate under another) occurs with a large momentum, then a giant wave can cause immense damage to the whole of Alaska.

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