The USGS made a forecast for earthquakes in the lake of the Salton sea

Monday September 26, California lake the Salton sea is shaken by a major series of earthquakes, reaching magnitude 4.3. For the last four days in the pond there were over 260 earthquakes, the epicenters of which were at depths mostly from 3 to 9 km. of the total number of events 43 impetus had a magnitude above 2.5.

Increased seismicity noted in the so-called seismic zone Brawley, which is near the southern end of the fault the San Andreas section Coachella. Earthquakes occur at the transverse cracks between the South end of the San Andreas and Imperial faults. Some of these transverse cracks are oriented in such a way that in case of interruptions during small earthquakes transmit voltage faults the San Andreas and San Jacinto.


As reported by experts from the U.S. Geological survey, this activity was observed earlier, and therefore need not be alarming. Based on preliminary calculations performed on 27 September, seismologists service came to the conclusion that the probability of a major earthquake of magnitude 7.0 or above in the area until October 4, inclusive, ranges from 0.3 to 1 % (decreasing over time). This prediction is made based on several models developed in California to assess the likelihood of foreshocks and aftershocks.

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