The Yellowstone Super Volcano can explode with a devastating hydrothermal eruption

Yellowstone is a hot spot for hydrothermal activity, and such an eruption can leave a 2-kilometer-wide crater and this hydrothermal eruption will be “extremely destructive.”

Geophysicist Michael Poland, who is studying Yellowstone from the US Geological Survey, insists that this type of explosion is a higher risk than any other eruption. Hydrothermal eruption occurs when an underground water reservoir is heated by a volcano and explodes violently as a giant geyser.

Hydrothermal explosions occur regularly in Yellowstone Park, leaving craters a few meters across, but a much larger event may occur, Dr. Poland warned.

Most hydrothermal explosions are very small. This is not uncommon. But in Yellowstone a real catastrophe is brewing. This will affect anyone who will be in the area of ​​one and a half kilometers from the epicenter. Geothermal explosion will be accompanied by emissions of stones, hot mud and boiling water, toxic gases. The park is visited daily by tens of thousands of people and they are all in serious danger, “says Michael Poland.

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