Thunderstorms and rains hit Berlin

Pouring rain with a thunderstorm paralyzed traffic in the German capital and led to delays and cancellations of flights at the Berlin airports Tegel and Schönefeld.

Law enforcement agencies declared a state of emergency in the city. And no wonder – Berlin rescuers received more than 700 reports of accidents, flooded streets, basements and garages, subway stations, and other emergencies.

Alarming reports continue to flow, and weather forecasters do not promise better weather. In some areas of the German capital, up to 100 liters of precipitation per square meter fell.

For three hours, the police partially blocked traffic on the busy autobahn a100 due to a flooded area on the outskirts of Berlin. Usually, more than 160,000 cars pass here daily.

Trains on two lines of the Berlin subway were stopped, because the masses of water flooded the railway tracks.

Streams of water collapsed and on other lands of Germany. Heavy rains, in particular, led to a significant increase in water levels in rivers and flooding of streets in Brandenburg, Lower Saxony and Thuringia. In Potsdam, several main streets were under water, and many kilometers of traffic jams formed.

Meteorological forecasts, meanwhile, report that torrential rains in Berlin and its environs, as well as in the south of Germany, will continue in the near future.

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