Tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons will occur on the Earth more and more often.

Tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons will occur on Earth more and more often, climatologist Andrei Kiselev told National News Service.

According to the senior researcher at the Voeikov Geophysical Observatory, due to global warming, the circulation of air masses has changed around the planet – now they are moving along the meridians. Cold masses move south and face warm ones there. This leads to an increase in the number of natural disasters.

“According to statistics from insurance agencies, the increase in weather disasters is associated with increased wind loads,” Kiselev noted, and warned that the likelihood is high that the trend towards an increase in the number of disasters will not change.

A week and a half ago, Andrei Kiselev said that light and medium rains throughout Russia were replaced by showers – the rains had become shorter, but more powerful, and the average annual rainfall over the past 10 years increased by 2.2%.

This happened because of global climate change – the temperature of the Earth’s surface increased, because of which moisture from there began to evaporate more intensely and, as a result, accumulate more intensively in the clouds and discharge more intensively from there.

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