Tropical storm “Beatrice” hit Mexico

7 people were killed and 4 people were reported missing in Oaxaca during the passage of the tropical storm “Beatrice” over the southwest of Mexico.

As a result of heavy downpours, a large number of landslides and mudflows came down. Also showers caused floods. A state of emergency has been declared for 127 municipalities in Oaxaca.

Three women died on Friday as a result of a landslide in the city of San Francisco-Osolotek. In San Pedro-Kyatoni, a man died when a part of his house collapsed. The woman died under the rubble of a landslide in the village of San Carlos-Yautepec. On Thursday, a landslide in the village of San Marcial-Osolotopek, took the boy’s life, another child was missing. Three people are missing after the rains in San Miguel del Puerto. Another man died in a landslide in San Isidro Pishishi.

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