Tropical storm Karl passed over Bermuda

Tropical storm “Karl” went to the South-East of Bermuda early Saturday morning, bringing down powerful winds and squalls before you can turn North on the Atlantic ocean.

National weather service hurricane USA in Miami reported that “Carl” needs to increase over the next few days, as he moves towards the open Atlantic ocean where the storm should become a hurricane on Sunday. In Bermuda, local authorities said that no injuries or serious damage have been reported.

Storm warning for Bermuda has been removed, but residents urged to be careful near electrical wires, low hanging tree branches and low-lying areas because of flood risks. About 800 homes were left without electricity in the West of the island. Conditions began to deteriorate in Bermuda on Friday, with heavy surf beating the shore. The oncoming storm prompted to close businesses and schools. Bermuda is accustomed to storms, some hotels hold “hurricane parties” to entertain the tourists.

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