Turkey and Greece calculate the damage after a powerful earthquake

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred in the Aegean Sea. Its epicenter was 16 kilometers from the Greek island of Kos and 12 from the popular Turkish city of Bodrum.

On Kos, two people became victims of the disaster, at least 100 people were injured. Many buildings on the coast are destroyed, shops and houses are flooded.

In Turkish Bodrum, there are no victims and no serious injuries. Several old buildings were damaged, including one of the hospitals. Cracks appeared on the walls. In some areas of the city there was a power outage.

After the first tremors, people began to run out of houses. For help in the clinic appealed about 70 people who received bruises and cuts.

Several more people were injured in the city of Mugla, all panicked from the windows. Russians are not among the victims. The authorities recommended that they remain on the street before the earthquake ends. At least eight auto-shots are registered. The most powerful of them is a magnitude of 5.1. The tsunami was threatened, but the wave height was only 25 centimeters.

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