Turkey comes to life after the strongest hurricane

The inhabitants of Istanbul had to experience the power of a powerful hurricane. As a result, suffered at least 10 people. In the city hundreds of trees are felled, streets, underground and underground passages are flooded. One of the aircraft made an emergency landing – a large hail was broken glass cockpit pilots.

All the night in Istanbul, restoration work continued. Urban services eliminated the impact of the impact of the elements, cleaned the streets of the hurricane-stricken trees. Due to the threat of a new weather disaster, the authorities of Istanbul urged citizens to be as cautious as possible and without the need to leave their homes.

The city was hit by a hurricane, torrential rains and the strongest hail. Everything lasted about an hour, but the consequences were extremely serious.

A hailstorm was broken by an airplane that was in the epicenter of a storm last night when landing at Ataturk Airport. Another 15 aircraft could not land in Istanbul and were sent to spare airfields.

The streets of Istanbul had to be crossed literally by swimming. The whole rescue operation had to be organized in order to rescue people from the flooded buses. Passengers climbed onto the roof, and from there they were selected from the streams of water along the wooden platforms. Drowned even the metro station of Istanbul, where people tried to escape from the weather.

The fire broke out in the port of Haydarpasha – there the crane fell on barrels of fuel. The minaret of one of the mosques is destroyed. In hospitals, doctors now provide assistance to the victims. Two people are in critical condition. Such natural disasters, according to meteorologists, have not been in Istanbul for almost 10 years.

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