Typhoon in I Japan left without electricity 11 thousand families

A strong typhoon “Noru”, which is numbered five in Japan, hit the southern prefecture of Kagoshima in Japan, 11,000 families were left without light, said Kyushu Electric Power, an energy company that serves the region.

The typhoon hit the islands of the prefecture, bringing with it a squally wind and rain. According to weather forecasters, a rain of such intensity happens once in 50 years. In some areas, wind power exceeded 30 meters per second. The typhoon moves to the northeast very slowly, the result is the effect of its “hovering” over the same area, which means that the inclement weather will last longer than usual.

The pressure in the center of the typhoon is 965 hectopascals. The wind speed in the center is up to 35 meters per second, with gusts – up to 50 meters per second.

As expected, by Sunday the typhoon will reach the island of Kyushu. If it does not change direction, on Monday and Tuesday it will fall on the main Japanese island of Honshu, will affect Tokyo.

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