Typhoon “Lionrock” goes to Russia

For three days in the Primorsky region announced a storm warning. This is due to the approach of Typhoon “Lionrock”. Weather forecasters promise that the province will go heavy rains.

From August 29 to the end of summer in the region will be intensified cyclonic activity. Therefore, over the sea of Japan under the influence of Typhoon “Lionrock” will be heavy rains. Two days must fall more than 100 mm of precipitation. This information became known from the message a press-services of Primgidromet.

In addition to the powerful rains, residents can stop East, North-East wind 13-18 m/s. On the coast it will be more gusty 25 to 30 m/s on capes will reach the size of the hurricane – 33 to 35 m/S. wave Height in the Gulf of Peter the Great and the area Rotary-Gold will reach four to five meters. In the southern part of the region on the rivers will be flooding. In addition, the water rising to five feet, can wash out roads or podtopit farmland or farmstead

As 28/08/2016 the wind speed in the Typhoon 125 mph ( 55 m/s), speed 12 mph ( 5.3 m/sec)

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