Typhoon “Nesat” in Taiwan

Typhoon “Nesat” with torrential rains and floods led to injuries of 111 people in Taiwan. The disaster struck on July 29, more than 12,700 people were evacuated from the affected areas.

Gusts of wind reached 180 km / h. The south of the country suffered the most, where numerous floods arose. About 250 thousand houses were left without electricity. Typhoon canceled more than 300 domestic and international flights.

Due to heavy rains, dozens of Pintong County cities in the south of Taiwan are flooded, many roads are blocked. On Friday, a typhoon swept over the south-western province of China Sichuan. The squally wind knocked over 300 trees here, some areas were deprived of electricity. Now the severe weather is moving in the direction of the Chinese province of Fujian.

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