U.S.: Lightning struck the top of the Washington Monument, causing it to close for repairs

The Washington Monument, which was struck by lightning over the weekend, will remain closed to the public while workers repair the damage, officials said.

The National Park Service posted an incredible video on Twitter that captures the exact moment lightning struck the top of the monument Sunday.

The 12-second video shows the capital turning a yellowish hue as the lightning flash on the National Mall suddenly turns blue.

The lightning strike damaged the electronic access system to the Washington Monument, the Park Service said Monday morning.

Late Saturday and early Sunday, thunderstorms and heavy rains hit D.C., bringing more than five inches of rain in less than two hours overnight to parts of the region.

As a result, streets and basements in areas of Northern Virginia were flooded, and firefighters had to rescue dozens of people, including drivers stuck in their cars because of rising water.

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