UN warns of drought and food shortages due to global warming

By 2030, as a result of human activities, the temperature on the planet will increase by 1.5 degrees, which, on the one hand, will cause drought, and on the other, floods, follows from the report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The drafters of the report are asking state leaders to take all possible actions to avoid catastrophe. In just some 12 years, the temperature on Earth will increase by one and a half degrees.

This will cause droughts, fires and food shortages. The ice accumulated at the poles will begin to melt, the level of the World Ocean will rise and it will wash away many coastal cities. This negative trend can only be prevented by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 almost twofold. In order to completely stop the dangerous process, there should be no emissions at all by 2050, experts warn.

To address this issue in 2015, 197 states signed the Paris Climate Agreement, in which they pledged to take all measures to prevent global warming. After 2 years, the United States announced the termination of participation in the agreement, since, according to economists, the country could lose 2.7 million jobs by 2025 because of it.

According to experts, the second threat of warming – floods are not really so terrible. Humanity is so technically developed that it is able to protect itself, especially since it will not be a sudden catastrophe. But the islands located in the ocean near the equator, such a threat seems real.

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