Underground shelters of Moscow is ready to evacuate the entire city

Thanks to new methods of civil defense, Moscow has the opportunity to hide in underground shelters the entire population of the capital, said Deputy head of EMERCOM in the city Andrei Mishchenko.

As a result of implementing new approaches of conducting civil defence in Moscow conducted an inventory of the underground space of the city, allowing you to plan cover 100% of the population of the city, – he said.

According to Mishchenko, Moscow also implemented the following improvement directions of civil defence: the further formation of legal framework, modernization of management systems and notification, development of the civil defence forces, improving the system of training of the population in the field of civil defense, development of international cooperation in the field of civil defense.

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Marshall Banana

They definitely need doomsday bunkers, because the people with all the nukes are stark raving lunatics, suicidal nihilists, demented, deranged, and masochistic.


Meanwhile our own government will leave us to die above ground. Elites have nice comfy bunkers though.

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