Underwater volcano continues to erupt near Mayotte, Indian Ocean

The eruption at a newly discovered submarine volcano located about 50 east of Mayotte continues, accompanied by increased seismicity and associated deformations.

During August, REVOSIMA recorded 361 volcano-tectonic earthquakes, 198 long-period and 10 very long-period earthquakes.

Of these, only two were felt by residents of Mayotte – M4.1 on August 3 and M3.8 on August 26.

The main seismic activity is still concentrated 5-15 km (3-9 miles) east of Petite Terre, at a depth of 20-50 km (12-31 miles), REVOSIMA reported.

The volume of erupted magma is estimated to be about 6.55 km3 (1.6 mi3) as of April 2021.

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