Vanuatu exploded volcano Yasur

Incredible shots were captured in Vanuatu: the operator was almost blown off the edge of the exploding volcano.

In a short video, Jeff McLealy places a camera on the edge of a volcanic crater in Vanuatu, when a “shot” of volcanic debris suddenly occurred.

Unique frames managed to catch Macleigh’s friend Jim Watson near the Yasur volcano, located on Tanna Island, three days ago.

“My friend Geoff was installing a GoPro camera on the crater,” he said. – Suddenly a powerful explosion occurred on the volcano, in which lava “bombs” rose several meters into the air. In this case, a shock wave from volcanic gas was also observed. ”

“In less than a second, the shock wave reached my position, as a result of which the camera began to shake. Then the lava “bombs” began to break out of the crater at a high speed, “he added.

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