Victims of floods in Cuba were 7 people

The victims of the floods in Cuba were seven people. Two unfortunate people disappeared without a trace.

The island of Freedom flooded after the passage of the ex-cyclone “Alberto”, which was accompanied by the strongest downpours. The weather system, weakened to a subtropical storm, raged in the Gulf of Mexico for several days. Because of the rains, sharply emerged from the banks of the river and overflowed the reservoirs.

About 20 thousand people, mostly residents of the provinces of Villa Clara, Sancti Spiritus and Cienfuegos in the center of Cuba, were forced to leave their homes. Several important routes of the island became inaccessible to travel due to flooding. The movement of trains on a number of sections of the railway has been disrupted.

Electricity lost more than 40 thousand households. Serious damage to agricultural land: the water flooded plantations of bananas, beans, rice and tobacco.

In connection with the flood in the oil refinery in the city of Cienfuegos, an emergency occurred. Due to a malfunction of the waste treatment system, about 12 thousand cubic meters. m of oily water flowed into the local bay. Specialists work to eliminate the effects of pollution.

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