Victims of the flood in Peru were 62 people

Victims of the flood in Peru have already become 62 people, said the local emergency response center. The element does not cease for three days, it affected 20 regions of 25 and almost 600 thousand inhabitants. The torrential rains provoked the landslide. The roads are blocked, and some settlements have disappeared under water, the channel reports.

Almost 60 thousand Peruvians lost their homes. Dozens of people are wounded, many are urgently evacuated. Perhaps the reason for the flood was the climatic phenomenon of El Nino in the Pacific Ocean. It occurs every few years and often causes weather anomalies and natural disasters.

In the Punta Hermosa area of ​​the Lima region, eyewitnesses filmed an incredible salvation of a woman from a mudflow on video. 32-year-old Evangelina Chamorro Diaz was able to independently get out of a pile of trees and boards and get to the shore, where she was helped by local residents. She was hospitalized and treated with minor injuries and shock. Her condition is assessed as satisfactory.

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