Volcanic activity in Siberia on a satellite photo

ASTER satellite made a photo of volcanic activity in Siberia (Russia). Here, on the peninsula of Kamchatka there is an area that undergoes frequent eruptions due to its location near the Eurasian, North American and Pacific tectonic plates.

This week in this area, an eruption of one of the most active volcanoes was observed. We are talking about stratovolcane Shiveluch, which is located near the Pacific Ocean. It rises to 3282 meters above sea level. Shiveluch is the most active of active volcanoes in Kamchatka.

The image shows how Sheveluch releases a stream of ash that moves west.

ASTER satellite satellite monitors glacial movement, potentially active volcanoes, physical properties of clouds, deterioration of coral reefs, surface temperature of soils and thermal pollution. ASTER is a joint project of Japan and Russia. The satellite was launched on December 18, 1999 from the military cosmodrome Vandenberg in California (USA).

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