Volcano Fagradalsfjall erupts again in Iceland

After an apparent break of eight and a half days, the main crater of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in southwestern Iceland began spewing fire and lava again on Saturday

Scientists visited the site that day and made some interesting discoveries, according to the Facebook page of the Volcanology and Natural Hazards Group at the University of Iceland. The team notes that there is every indication that the eruption did not stop during this pause in surface activity. The opening of the main vent apparently clogged, preventing magma from flowing into it.

“This also stopped the formation of very large gas bubbles, which explains the reduced intensity of the tremor,” the Facebook post explained. “Nevertheless, intermittent but weak tremors, constant gas emission from the vent, red-hot lava in the zenith lights above the lava tubes, and newly scorched vegetation along the edges of the lava in the [valleys of] Geldingadalir indicate that magma was rising through the channel to the surface during the 8.5-day pause in surface activity.”

From Saturday evening to Sunday morning, the eruption was very active and visible from afar, such as from the town of Seltjarnarnes. Visibility was limited yesterday due to poor weather conditions – heavy rain and strong winds.

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