Volcano Kluchevskoy threw a column of ash

Volcano Klyuchevskaya hill in Kamchatka threw a column of ash to a height of 6 kilometers. The eruption on the volcano was recorded on May 18 in the morning by local time and was accompanied by the release of ash to an altitude of about 6000 meters above sea level.

The ash trail was carried by the wind 72 kilometers to the northeast of the volcano towards the Ozernovsky Bay. On the way of its distribution there are no settlements, ash falls in the residential areas of the peninsula are not recorded.

The volcano is assigned an “orange” danger code for air travel. Tourists and the local population are recommended to abandon hikes in the volcano area.

The height of Klyuchevskoy is 4750 meters, it is the highest of the active volcanoes of Eurasia. Klyuchevskoy is located in the east of the Kamchatka peninsula, 30 kilometers from the village of Klyuchi and 47 kilometers from the village of Kozyrevsk.

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