Wildfires in the southeast of the USA

Uncontrollable wildfires rage in the southeast of the USA. Several settlements clouded smoke. Ignitions are observed in six states: To northern Carolina which suffered most everything, and also in Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

In total more than 30 fires are registered. The total area of ignitions makes about 52 thousand hectares that by nine times exceeds the area of Manhattan and four times — San Francisco. Fire is combated by more than 5 thousand firefighters who gathered from all corners of the country.

Also 24 helicopters are involved in suppression of fire. It is known of one fatal case. One man died in the accident caused by the poor visibility from smoke in the east of the State of Kentucky.

As it was reported earlier, in east part of the State of Tennessee because of the fires quality of air seriously worsened. In the city of Chattanooga with short wind and other trouble breathing more than 200 people were hospitalized. On suspicion of arsons of the state at least seven people were arrested.

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