Winter storm in France left without electricity 40 thousand households

The winter storm “Carmen” has de-energized about 40,000 French households, according to the Vesti news portal. The “orange” level of weather danger is declared in half of the territory of France. The speed of the wind in some places reaches 38-39 m / s, pouring heavy showers.

French meteorologists reported the onset of the storm 48 hours before it began. Residents of the west of the country are advised to stay at home, do not approach the water, stay away from the trees. A tree fallen in the car in the south-west of the country caused the death of a man who was inside the vehicle.

The greatest concern is the combination of the strongest wind and sea tide. It is not excluded the formation of waves 10 meters high and the flooding of settlements on the coast.

The wind will sweep across France in the direction of the southeast and eventually reach the island of Corsica. The storm, at least part of it, will also affect neighboring Belgium.

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