Winter storm “Skylar” hit the US

Winter storm “Skylar” brought down heavy snowfalls to the northeast of the USA. As a result of bad weather, hundreds of thousands of homes were de-energized, and the work of air and land transport was disrupted.

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island on Tuesday, more than 230,000 consumers were left without electricity. By two o’clock in the afternoon over 1.5 thousand flights were canceled. The national railway company “Amtrak” suspended train traffic between Boston and New York. In Massachusetts, all ferry services are suspended until further notice.

In Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island on Tuesday, all government offices were closed.

In connection with the arrival of the storm, the mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh, declared an emergency. On Wednesday, schools will continue to be closed in the city.
In North Carolina, as a result of the accident on a snow-covered road on Monday, a 31-year-old woman died.

As it was informed earlier, on Monday more than 65 thousand houses in the states of Kentucky and West Virginia were de-energized as a result of the winter storm “Skylar”.

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