World scientists announced 2017 – the beginning of the end of mankind

In a joint statement of various scientific organizations and academies, it is said that the Small Ice Age begins on Earth. In an address to the heads of the world’s leading governments and the United Nations, scientists said: “Humanity is in danger of further existence.”

Here is the list of organizations that wrote this statement:

German Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina
Indian National Science Academy
Indonesian Academy of Sciences
Royal Irish Academy
Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Italy)
Academy of Sciences Malaysia
Academy of the Royal Society of New Zealand
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Turkish Academy of Sciences
Global Atmosphere Watch Program (GAW)
The Global Climate Observing System (GCOS)
World Climate Program (WCP)
The World Climate Research Program (WCRP)
World Weather Research Program (WWRP)
World Weather Watch Program (WWW)
Commission for Agricultural Meteorology
Commission for Atmospheric Science
Australian Academy of Sciences
Brazilian Academy of Sciences
Royal Society of Canada
Caribbean Academy of Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences
French Academy of Sciences

“False information about global warming can not withstand any criticism. Recent observations and analysis prove catastrophic and global climate change. On our planet comes the Small Ice Age. This is due to many factors, and not only terrestrial, but also with the fall of solar activity. A new period of history has begun – the period of the Threat of the Existence of Mankind”

A sharp change in temperature in 2017.

Climate change in Antarctica and the South Pole

“The data collected from around the world indicate that a catastrophic cooling scenario is being implemented in the coming years. The global cold snap has already begun and all mankind will feel its devastating effects on themselves for 4-6 years already, “the report says.

A sharp decrease in the mean temperature of water in the equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean and in the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists emphasize that data collected recently indicates that intermediate water masses are cooled at a catastrophic rate.

Change in temperature in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Change in temperature in Greenland.

Tracing the interrelation of changes in global temperature, one can see that this is closely related to solar activity.

We see one of the strongest global climatic fluctuations during the Holocene, the Small Ice Age was marked by a long cold snap from the 14th to the 19th century. This cooling was associated with a decrease in solar activity and was particularly strong during solar minima in 1645-1715 . AD And 1790-1830. N. E. These minima of solar activity are known, at least Maunder and the Dalton minimum. The time of the new minimum has already come.

The temperature drop in the South China Sea

“And this is just the beginning, we will face daily a growing number of abnormal weather events. There will not be a place on Earth that will not be affected by these changes. All countries of the world will be affected by these changes. There comes a new ice age, the whole weather system of the planet changes and collapses. Under the impact will be the most important infrastructure for the survival of people. Hunger and cold, that’s what humanity expects in the coming years, “the scientists write.

Global changes are clearly visible by the cataclysms that are already occurring around the globe. The recent anomalous phenomena in Russia are a very vivid example of such changes. Tornadoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow in the summer, hail, sharp temperature drops all this was seen all over the world. Russian meteorologists are no longer able to give a clear and clear explanation of the reasons for all this happening and no one in the whole world can give these explanations.

There is an explanation and it is real – everything that is happening is only the beginning of a global cold snap and it will affect not only Russia, it will be hit by all mankind in all countries of the world.

“We call on the heads of state and government of the whole world, take our report very seriously. It is about the survival of all mankind, and whether it will exist on this planet in general. This is a danger with which our modern civilization has not yet encountered in its history. To all the leaders. All countries of our world, it is now necessary to prepare their countries and people for what awaits them in the very near future. Now is not the time of wars and political strife – the time to unite in order to survive. Mankind is in danger and only through joint efforts we will be able to try to survive, “the report says.

All this began not today or yesterday, but no one wanted to pay attention to the formidable signs. Alarming climate changes began in 2013, when the snow fell suddenly in Romania at the most inappropriate time for this, and in Germany the harshest winter in 200 years, in the United States came the anomalous cold and snow, in Antarctica was set a record low temperatures For all the time of observations, frosts have hit Syria and this list can continue and continue.

In 2014 the situation did not improve, but it got worse. The number of weather anomalies only increased. There are so many of them that it makes no sense to enumerate everything, it is obvious.

The Gulf Stream stopped and this is indicated by data from The Earth Wind Map and The NOAA Data Satellite. The Gulf Stream is a warm current, it has become cold and such an anomaly bodes ill for us.

Some scientists climatologists could no longer keep silent and maintain false assurances of global warming. Such as NASA climatologist John L. Casey, publicly stated that a radical shift has taken place in the global climate and this is not an accident, not a temporary change, but a pattern that changes our climate globally and for decades to come. He warned that if the scientific community and the governments of all countries of the world do not act in the face of global cooling, then catastrophic consequences will occur for mankind.

John L. Casey warned that the planet is entering a global ice age, which will last at least 30 years. Mass death of people and hunger, that’s what humanity expects.

In 2015, the GCSR Report on the status of the global climate was published, which directly stated that. That Mankind is entering a new Ice Age.

The Research Corporation (GCSR) is an independent research institute in Orlando, Florida, USA. It aims to warn governments, the media and people about the need to prepare for catastrophic climate change.

Scientists working with GCSR believe that a global cooling will be accompanied by the activation of volcanoes and earthquakes that are catastrophic in strength. Strong frosts, snowstorms, snowfall, global abnormal cooling will last not a year or two, but 30 or 50 years.

Scientists who had the courage to go against the established deceitful system of “global warming” wrote articles, spoke in the media, wrote appeals to the leaders of states, but nobody listened to them. The year 2017 has come and everyone in the world sees and starts to realize that something is strange and frightening with the weather on the earth.

An awareness comes, but time is lost and if this awareness does not come from those on whom the fate of people depends, the countries that they govern soon will not.

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