Yamal liquidated the consequences of the outbreak of anthrax

In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, the employees EMERCOM of Russia has completed the construction and installation of the townships of livelihood for herders and all work on the disinfection of the quarantine zone. A few days were also conducted necessary medical procedures for the nomads of the Yamal tundra. In the MOE noted that since August 5 the procedure of sanitary treatment passed 121 people.

It was built 10 townships that can accommodate more than 350 people — with the help of aviation brought back all you need for your stay, including tents, food, bedding, stoves, and other humanitarian aid. Towns located 150 kilometers North from the district center of Yar-Sale, in a clean area. Earlier it was reported that experts have been disinfection of all property residents Yarsalinski tundra, while in tent camps were vaccinated.

Quarantine in Yamalskiy district of YANAO is valid from 25 July due to anthrax — as a result of sickness and heat killed more than 2,300 deer. 24 a local resident got sick — they all ate raw deer meat, one person was dead, 96 injured. Currently healthy animals vaccinated — it is reported that now the district would be annual vaccination of deer, suspended since 2007.

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