Yellowstone – coming Apocalypse

The huge super volcano that woke up under the Yellowstone National Park in the US could explode faster than previously thought. If this happens, then a large-scale earthquake will destroy the western part of the United States, which will cause irreversible cataclysms of a planetary scale.

The last super-eruption happened in Yellowstone over 630 thousand years ago, and the nearest – just around the corner. Scientists gave an apocalyptic forecast concerning the possible consequences of a volcano explosion.

If Yellowstone comes to life, then it can spew out 1000 cube. km of rock, will lead to an absolute destruction of the western US states, – volcanologists say.

An earthquake of colossal power will provoke volcanic eruptions all over the planet. Tsunamis of unprecedented heights will be destroyed by thousands of settlements on the coasts of all continents. From the face of the earth will be erased New York, London, Lisbon, Boston, Shanghai and other coastal cities.

The streets of Las Vegas will be covered with a one and a half meter layer of ash, which is filled with fertile fields. Together with sulfur gases, it eclipses the Sun, leading to a long “volcanic winter”.

According to scientists, a sharp cooling will lead to extinction of the population and mass forced migration to the south of the inhabitants of northern countries (Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland).

The apocalyptic scenario also speaks of a global drop in air temperature, a large layer of ash, and a weakening of plant photosynthesis due to a lack of solar radiation – all this will lead to the collapse of agriculture on a planetary scale and, as a consequence, to a worldwide hunger.

Especially affected are such high-population countries as China and India. The total human losses in the first years after the eruption will exceed 2 billion people. The lack of resources will lead to numerous armed conflicts, and perhaps the disintegration of the modern world order.

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