Yellowstone threatens “nuclear winter”

The Yellowstone volcano keeps not only ordinary US residents, but also many scientists, who are frightened by the increase in activity in the giant’s caldera. Seismic activity recorded this year, far exceeds the annual rate.

Thousands of earthquakes of various capacities have been registered and their number continues to grow. Waking up the sleeping geysers, the temperature of the water in the rivers and lakes, located on the territory of the Yellowstone Reserve, is growing.

Scientists record a significant increase in gas emissions Helium-4, which is considered the first sign of an eruption of a volcano.

All these precursors of the cataclysm seriously frighten the US population, because it is scientifically proven that the eruption of Yellowstone, will cause chaos in the territory of America, all living things can completely die out as a result of the “nuclear winter” that will come due to the consequences of the eruption.

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