You are not protected from being struck by lightning while inside the car

What happened in the U.S. state of Michigan shows that the interior of a car is no guarantee that you won’t be struck by lightning.

A powerful electrical shock went through the windshield of a Ford Super Duty parked outside a car dealership in Michigan and destroyed almost everything in its path, almost tearing the car in two…

These terrifying photos show just how strong and powerful lightning can be … A bolt went through the windshield of a Ford Super Duty parked outside a Michigan car dealership and destroyed nearly everything in its path, nearly splitting the truck in two …

The lightning strike shattered the windshield and then went inside and melted the car’s internal components. The hit went straight into the dashboard, ripping it in two. The windshield was badly burned. The melted plastic was hanging from the overhead compartment. Almost everything inside the car melted from the incredible heat.

When the lightning struck, the car was empty. Imagine if there had been people inside!

A normal lightning strike between a cloud and a car would occur either along the antenna of the vehicle or along the roof line. The lightning then travels through the outer metal shell of the vehicle and then through the tires to the ground.

This case shows that it’s time to forget about “normal lightning strikes”. New times, brought with them new natural phenomena. Just think about it – a lightning strike pierced the windshield of a car and literally burned everything inside it!

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