A huge UFO distorted the space near the ISS

A video appeared on the network, on which a strange object caused distortions in the structure of clouds in low Earth orbit. Virtual ufologists are sure that this was a portal to other worlds.

Experts said that NASA three years ago recognized the possibility of the existence of portals on Earth, which will be able to teleport any object from one place to another. Several space probes have confirmed the information that the portals are located where the geomagnetic field collides with a stream of ionized particles from the solar crust, also called the solar wind. This creates a kind of portal between the Earth and the Sun. It is possible that distortion can move a person into a different reality or the other world.

According to ufologists, NASA specialists actively study such portals since March 2015. Their need is for the UFO not to fall on the planet. Experts assure that there are portals on the Earth, but they are well hidden from people. The appearance of distortion of space near the ISS only confirms this theory.

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