A raccoon stole a trash can

Sly raccoon found a way to achieve their goal. Attention furry animal was attracted to the trash, or rather, its contents. Attempts to open the container, alas, nor to no avail — the tank did not give in to claws and teeth tireless raccoon.

But the predator was not appeased. Inadvertently knocking the tank, the raccoon grabbed his front legs and smartly dragged the container only him famous.
The antics of the raccoon pretty amused the residents of the house in the yard which was installed the tank. Raccoon attention did not bother — it is as if nothing had happened went about their illegal business.

Raccoons are very clever animals capable of training not worse than dogs. Fluffy predators get along well with other animals and are drawn to people. Raccoons introducirse well in new habitats. So, raccoons-poloskun successfully got accustomed in Russia and Belarus.

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