Aliens take back treasures after the construction of ancient structures

UFOologists suggest that aliens return their precious artifacts, which were stored in ancient structures. Perhaps, that is why the inhabitants of many countries manage to see the appearance of UFOs so often.

A similar theory of researchers was prompted by a new theory of the origin of gold and platinum. The fact that the aliens are trying to take their treasure back started to speak after the ancient precious idols were found. And the idea of ​​the origin of precious metals – gold and platinum – provided additional food for thought.

Experts believe that precious metals could appear as a result of a collision of an asteroid or another large space object with the Earth. Analogues of metals were attracted to the core, so it was not possible to extract them. They told that the aliens used our planet to save their treasures in ancient buildings. But now they are trying to take their property back.

Evidence of this is the golden idols that were used by ancient civilizations. When scientists studied the pyramid of Cheops, they found a secret burial room. After it was opened, experts began talking about the connection of the ancients with aliens.

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