Amazing facts about happiness

For 20 years, mankind has been studying positive psychology. What did we learn during this time? We found out that our relationships with others – as friends, with family and beloved ones – are necessary for a person to be happy. Despite the fact that there are many individual needs, relationships with others are a universal component of happiness. In fact, it is impossible to imagine a person who considers himself happy, but who does not have friends and relatives.

But, a second, did not we know that? Positive psychology that, is engaged, by what proves the obvious? Not at all. Here are some recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology that will surprise you.

And Oscar gets …

The actors who received Oscars live longer than the actors who were nominated for this award, but did not receive it. The same applies to those who have not been included in the number of nominees – their life expectancy is also less than for actors who have a treasured golden statuette.

Imaginary friends

It has long been known that children who do not have good contact with their peers often have imaginary friends. Recently, scientists have found that imaginary friends also contribute to the happy state of the child, along with real friends.

In search of happiness

Many of us are puzzled by the search for happiness. Studies have shown that people who have made the search for happiness the main goal of life, in fact, are less happy than those who are not engaged in this search.


People who are married demonstrate much greater satisfaction with life than single people. And this situation is typical for almost all countries of the world, except Ireland. Only in Ireland, single people turned out to be happier than people who have already found their soul mate.

Optimism in abundance

Optimism is the key to good health, healthy self-esteem and stress resistance. It also relieves us of depression, anxiety and loneliness. However, even good can be too much. Studies have shown that people prone to excessive optimism die more often at a young age. They are also more difficult to say goodbye to bad habits (such as smoking). As for overly optimistic ladies, they often face such a problem as an unwanted pregnancy.

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