Americans have been suing for 6 years for the right to plant tomatoes in front of the house

An elderly couple from Florida for six years fought for their right to grow vegetables in front of the house and only in early July did they manage to achieve their goal. Now tomatoes, jalapenos, okra and pumpkins will appear in a small garden.

The problem is that until recently in Florida it was impossible to plant abundant vegetation in front of the house from the street, so as not to spoil the appearance of the streets. For violation, a fine of $ 50 per day was imposed and after the introduction of this law in 2013, the elderly couple had to weed out their entire vegetable garden, where they had been growing vegetables and fruits for 17 years. The facade of their house is facing south, so there is no sun in the yard almost all day, so the only place for a plot on the plot was a lawn on the side of the road.

To defend their rights, Germina Ricketts and her husband Tom Carroll turned to the Institute of Justice, a non-profit legal organization that, among other things, specializes in land law. The result of a long legal battle was the “Garden Act”, signed by the Florida Legislative Assembly. According to the NPR publication, the state governor signed the document on Monday, July 1, and exactly the same day, Germina began planting again.

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