Animals and plants that can cause infernal pain

Nature is beautiful, is not it? It not only supplies us with food and water, but with many wonderful places that can be visited, and wonderful creatures that you can admire … But, of course, sometimes the picture is not so rosy. Some animals and plants are capable of inflicting truly hellish pain on a person, spoiling the whole impression of the beauties of nature.

We have very little chance of encountering an infamous platypus or a New Zealand nettle tree. But this does not mean that with nature you should not keep your ears open – many of its creations are reliably protected. We represent a dozen of those, the pain of which will be remembered for many years.

Wartwets are fish with a dangerous poison, capable of easily killing an adult. They are found mainly in the waters off the coast of Australia and attack the offender with long spines on their backs. People who survive the poison effect say that the pain from it reminds of a sharp blow with a sledgehammer.

Arizona Gadfly, he’s a gila monster – a large lizard, a bite that can not only break your flesh, but also introduce a strong poison. Fortunately, they are rather sluggish and in principle not interested in people.

Wasps from the genus Pepsis are known for the fact that they often hunt spiders, including huge tarantulas. On the scale of the power of the stinging Schmidt (yes, this really exists), they occupy an honorable second place – the pain from their stings is unimaginably strong.

Rough woody adder. Vipers among other venomous snakes are not famous for the power of poison – but the bite itself causes terrible suffering. A rusty woody adder comes from the jungles of Africa, and the pain of her bite causes an inexpressible burning sensation alive.

Myliobatoidei skates not only have tails-needles with a painful poison at the end, but also a bad temper, because of which they attack people more often than we would like. The poison can torment the victim for months.

The laurel wolf-laver looks harmless enough, but its protective mechanism will not let anyone descend. If you touch it, you can earn unpleasant blisters and a rash … but if you eat a berry, soon there will be a painful death – from internal bleeding and organ failure.

Kubomeduzy, like other creeping people, are protected from offenders by poison. Only here the attack of cubomeduz contains not one and not a dozen, but hundreds of tiny needles with the most powerful poison. The pain from this is so strong that the victim suffocates from it and immediately drowns.

From platypus somehow you do not expect a dirty trick, but in fact they are one of the few poisonous mammals. Males grow small bone spurs with non-lethal, but extremely painful poison, causing people to faint from shock. The effect of poison can last up to six months.

Ongaonga is a New Zealand nettle tree, the spines of which contain histamine and formic acid. Touching it causes a prolonged agony, which can end and death.

Bullet ants are the first on the Schmidt scale, large tropical ants, who are afraid of both fire. Insects with a sting that brings the natural flours of hell. Pain can last for hours, obscuring the mind and rolling in waves. In this case, the bitten part of the body paralyzes for several days.

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