Anomalies of the Kumtyube plateau

Among the Caucasian anomalous areas, the Kumtyube plateau, located in the Kabardino-Balkarian highland reserve at an altitude of 3775 m above sea level, should be specially emphasized. Near the plateau there is a rapid river Chegem, originating at an altitude of 1830 m.

This anomalous zone is in a volcanic massif composed of granites. On its border you can see the large crater of an ancient volcano with two lakes inside. Very high activity of UFOs was registered in 1988-1990.

So, on September 9, 1988, between 20 and 21 h, the staff of the Sevkavhydromet expedition observed five luminous balls with a diameter of 2-3 m, stretched out by a chain. The distances between the balls were equal. After four hours, several vacationers of the high-altitude camp site saw the same, apparently, five balls, but built in two “floors”: three balls in the upper and 2 in the lower one. A year later a white glowing ball was photographed.

In March 1990, around midnight, there was a UFO in the form of an airship, glowing yellow-orange light. From it emanated a thin blue ray, after which the “airship” disappeared behind the ridge. At the beginning of June of the same year, at about the same time, a bright yellow glow appeared in the form of a parachute with a red stripe on the edges above the volcanic massif. It lasted about half an hour.

Such frequent meetings with UFOs prompted the expedition to be equipped in this region. On the Kumtyube plateau in August 1990, seven enthusiastic anomalists arrived. On the first night, when bright stars burned in the clear sky, a giant cap suddenly appeared over the camp, resembling a crystal sphere. He shimmered from the light of the stars. Its dimensions were approximately 1 km in diameter and 300 m in height.

Half an hour later in the area of ​​the crater grew luminous blue pillars and went into a boundless space. On the side of the crater there was a muffled silvery glowing glow. At three o’clock in the morning, about 200 m from the camp, emerald sparkling balls with a diameter of about 25 cm began to flash along the bottom of the valley. A chain of 20 lights was formed, after which everything suddenly died out.

One of the interesting finds were several ridges of rounded spots with a diameter of 5-7 m, on which all the vegetation was destroyed, were found on a wide terrace. From one of them, three dark stripes, 70-100 m long and 3-3.5 m wide, diverge to the sides.

The images made in this anomalous zone did not turn out, since the films were mostly exposed. But on one film, on the frame made a mile and a half below the zone, a white ball was clearly visible, not seen visually.

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