Antelope, saved by the behemoth, fell victim to the hyena

From the fire to the fire – so you can describe the situation, which hit a young impala in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Before the eyes of the tourists who filmed the video, she almost drowned, but was saved by the hippopotamus who did not live in the backwater, but less than a minute after she climbed ashore, she was in the mouth of a hyena dog.

“We were on the road when we saw a flock of dogs that were chasing a young antelope, she jumped over the bushes and was in the water where the hyena dogs did not dare to pop,” the tour group guide said.

A cloven-hoofed animal would surely have sunk, if the hippopotamus had not come to the aid of him, who had pushed the impala ashore. But one of the dogs waited for her – attacking the exhausted animal, she killed him in front of tourists and a hippopotamus savior.

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