Average temperature in the coming years will go down

The average world air temperature in 2017-2018 will drop slightly, while the overall trend of global warming will continue, said Alexei Kokorin, the head of the Climate and Energy program of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia.

“The climatic phenomenon of El Niño (the fluctuation of the temperature of the surface layer of water in the equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean – Ed.) Was one phase, now the opposite phase comes, when the heat returns back to the ocean from a warmer atmosphere. Accordingly, 2017 and 2018 Probably will be colder in the surface air temperature than 2015 and 2016, but, most likely, slightly higher than 2013 and 2014, “Kokorin said.

According to him, such fluctuations are very noticeable, if we look at the temperature of the hemispheres – in South there are strong drops, while in the North they are more flattened. In this case, on the average, we are talking about a change in the world temperature by 0.15 degrees.

“The average world temperature of the near-surface layer of air after 2013-2014 has skyrocketed rather sharply, because the relatively slow anthropogenic warming was superimposed by the flow of heat from the ocean into the atmosphere due to the El Niño phenomenon. It began in the summer in the Southern Hemisphere in 2015 and Ended in 2016, “- explained the representative of WWF.

At the same climatologist did not associate a cool spring in the European part of Russia with the impact of El Niño.

“So far we do not know the effect of this phenomenon on the Northern Hemisphere so well, it’s very well studied in the Southern Hemisphere – there is a succession of drought-flooding-drought-flooding.” In the North everything is much more indirect, “concluded Kokorin.

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