BASE jumping in Chernobyl

The BASE jumping is incredibly dangerous. Flight, rather short to parachute measures, means, you have only a few seconds to open a parachute. That it is even worse, you risk to crash into an object from which you jump. You will open a parachute too early — you will break bones. You will open too late — you will break against the earth. But desperate thrill-seekers of it haven’t enough. So to do? To go to Chernobyl!

The exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant which is an open radioactive source stretches approximately for 30 kilometers around the former industrial platform. In its territory several evacuated settlements are located, and the main radionuclides which caused pollution are strontium-90 (a half-life period of 29 years), caesium-137 (a half-life period of 30 years), americium-241 (a half-life period 432 years) and plutonium-239 (a half-life period of 24110 years).

Other radioactive elements, including isotopes iodine-131, cobalt-60 and caesium-134 so far because of rather short half-life periods already almost completely broke up and don’t make a noticeable contribution to radioactive pollution of the area. Remains of the NPP with recently established sarcophagus are still deadly to health, but unless it can stop crackheaded basejumpers?

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