Cheetah jumped into the car of tourists

This does not happen every day. A group of tourists on an African safari got acquainted with wild animals closer than expected. Their trip was interested in a trio of cheetahs.

“It was too late to quickly leave or do something like that, do not puzzle the animals, as usually after this everything goes wrong,” says Britton Hayes, one of the participants in the safari.

The first cheetah jumped on top of the car, and the group concentrated on the big cat. At this time, the second cheetah decided to check what was happening inside, sniff the passengers and make sure they did not pose a threat. People almost stopped breathing, did not make sudden movements and avoided eye contact.

“The real tension is sitting in the car, thinking” I’ll soon die, “and then stay alive. We all just looked at each other, waited 10 seconds after the cheetahs left, and could not believe that they had gotten out of the water, that it was, in fact, “continues Hayes.

During safari tours such close contacts with animals happened earlier. Here this giraffe, without embarrassment, looked into the window of the car with tourists and treated to ice cream. And this couple – a camel and an ostrich – was even more unceremonious: they took away a whole package of foodstuffs from tourists.

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