Crocodile bit off a part of a person in Vietnam

A terrible incident, which almost ended in tragedy, occurred in the Vietnamese province of Hanam in the north of the country. One of the participants of the circus troupe, invited by the local Ministry of Culture, put his head in the jaws of the crocodile during the performance. The predator bit off a man’s face.

On the frames published below, it is captured how an unnamed circus performs a deadly dangerous trick involving a crocodile. The alligator jerked at the moment when the man’s head was in the mouth of the animal. The audience screamed in horror.

Shocked by pain, the Vietnamese ran out into the middle of the arena. Someone handed him a towel, which instantly turned red with blood. Later, representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Hanama, who held performances, said that the victim got off with small wounds on his face.

At the moment, the man in the hospital, his life, is not in danger.

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