Deadly Selfie

In Brazil, a young couple washed away by a wave from the coastal rock on which they made a selfie. The girl was saved, but her companion died.

The tragedy occurred on April 15 on one of the beaches in the state of Santa Catarina in the south of the country. Arrived from Sao Paulo, 19-year-old Amanda Maria Roque and her cousin, 25-year-old Leonardo Santos climbed onto one of the coastal rocks next to the lighthouse of Santa Maria, to be photographed against the background of waves, reports the Daily Mail.

Their relative Jefferson da Conceicao, who did not go with them on the rock, was shooting a couple on video from a distance. At some point a young man and a girl were knocked down and carried into the water by a big wave.

Jefferson called for help rescuers, who managed to pull Amanda to the shore alive. Leonardo’s body was found only four days later.

The girl said that her brother almost immediately lost consciousness and began to sink. She tried to keep him on the water by the hair, but in the end she still lost her grip under the waves.

Earlier it was reported that in Indonesia a loving person came from New Zealand, who was also washed into the water by a wave.

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