Diver showed how much the sea is polluted

The British diver Rich Horner, who lives in Indonesia, showed how much the sea is polluted by swimming through the debris in the water off the coast of Bali and taking a video about it.

In the video, which on Facebook shared more than 18 thousand people, you can see many different plastic items, as well as fish and jellyfish, which sometimes do not distinguish from garbage.

“Plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic film, plastic tubes, plastic baskets, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic, even more plastic,” the diver wrote in the comments.

Later he noted that the next day all the garbage was carried away, which nevertheless “will continue its way”, breaking up into smaller and smaller parts, but never disappearing.

Plastic is particularly dangerous for many marine animals.

Horner recalled how garbage enters the ocean: mainly through storm sewage in coastal cities, and through large rivers, which are due to heavy rains. Some of the garbage is thrown directly into the water from the shore and boats.

He noted that measures such as garbage recycling and the more rare or repeated use of plastic bags help to cope with the problem, but do not eliminate its causes, namely overpopulation of the world.

A few months ago, the authorities of Bali declared an “emergency situation due to debris” after the shoreline, almost six kilometers long, covered the tide-borne plastic.

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