During the rite of baptism in Ethiopia, a crocodile killed a priest

In Ethiopia, a crocodile killed a Protestant priest when he went into the water to conduct a mass rite of baptism.

A priest named Doho Eshete held a baptismal ceremony for about 80 people on Lake Abaya. After the pastor read the prayer and baptized the first believer, he was attacked by a reptile.

The crocodile ripped the man’s arms, legs and back. From the injuries the priest died.

In September 2017 on the island of Sri Lanka, the crocodile attacked the British Financial Times journalist Paul McClain. It is specified that the man was washing his hands in the river when he was grabbed by a crocodile and dragged underwater.

The body was able to find military divers, McClen was identified by friends who had rested with him.

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