Flight program of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017

In this reportage you will see demonstration performances of both domestic and foreign aerobatic teams. “MAKS” is an international aerospace salon, which has been held since 1993 at the aerodrome of the Gromov LII named after Zhukovsky outside Moscow.

One of the main goals of this salon is the demonstration of Russian high technologies in the field of aerospace technologies and the holding of scientific conferences and symposia.

The newest technology is based on the principles of the nervous system of living organisms. It should improve flight safety and reduce the cost of repair and maintenance of fighters.

Holding “Russian Helicopters” today presented an experimental sample of an unmanned convertoplane. Now the device passes the next stage of flight tests. From tomorrow, the exhibition will be available to all. The audience will see more than 80 airplanes in the sky and will appreciate the skill of aerobatic teams.

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