Florida alligator with a fish in his mouth walking on the Golf course

A Florida woman has experienced a real shock, seeing as the Golf course goes alligator with a huge fish in his mouth. The family of the witness walking reptiles at this time was playing Golf. Although the rate of Respess was shocked, it did not stop her to pick up the phone and capture an amazing sight.

“I’ve seen alligators, but never like this”, she said.

Gators just love fish. I love so much that are ready to snatch the catch from the young fishing enthusiast. This situation happened with a boy named Connor, who lost a catch because of the very greedy alligator.

Alligators and crocodiles often go to places of a congestion of people. So, three years ago in the bus on the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh city, found himself a real crocodile. And even earlier, in November 2013, in Chicago U.S. airport found a small alligator. Reptile does not hurt anyone and peacefully sat under the escalator.

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