For whom in China build ghost towns

If to be passed on suburbs of the large cities of China, then it is possible to find not one such here ghost town – a set of the empty skyscrapers towering in the middle of a desert landscape. And not a soul.

Actually this “riddle” simply speaks — the Chinese government hopes that sometime these futuristic landscapes will turn into the real brisk cities, and in new buildings about 250 million present villagers will move.

But while these houses stand empty and are most of all similar to the ghost towns located in godforsaken places.

The government has developed the plan of resettlement to provide residents of the poor, remote rural areas with access to medical care, schools and jobs. People are enticed into these cities, buying their land, and paying subsidies for the maintenance of apartments in skyscrapers on 40 floors above.

The author of these pictures lives in Shanghai since 2012 and saw a set of ghost towns, passing by by trains. They have intrigued him, and he has begun to photograph them. Today the photographer has counted 15 such places over all country.

He says that most of all these places remind “the thrown civilization” — as if unknown fantastic force has at once carried away all inhabitants. Of course, there is the return – “ghost towns” only wait for the first residents.

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