From Antarctica the huge iceberg will break off

The huge iceberg, of the size of American the state Delavar or the Caribbean island state of Trinidad and Tobago, will break off from Antarctica soon.

The break on the ice shelf Larsen With which slowly grew on Antarctic Peninsula several years, sharply increased last month by 18 km. Now crack length — more than 80 km, and to complete department of an iceberg from Antarctic Peninsula remained to only 20 km.

“An ice shelf Larsen With in Antarctica will reject a piece more than 5 thousand after growth of a crack soon” — scientists of the Midas project of Swansea University in Wales say.

The iceberg “will completely change a landscape of Antarctic Peninsula” and Larsen will become the reason of a wide break on the glacial shelf With, it is reported in the statement. The glacial shelf — an ice layer thickness several hundreds of meters on the edge of glaciers.

Scientists are afraid that the decrease of glacial shelves around the refrigerated continent will allow glaciers to go down quicker to the sea as temperature grows, raising sea level.

A number of glacial shelves broke off in northern parts of Antarctica in recent years, including Larsen of B which broke up to parts in 2002.
Andrew Fleming, the manager on remote sensing of the British Antarctic service, says that ice thaws also because of warm air from above, and because of warm water from below.

In certain cases huge icebergs just float around Antarctica for years, posing a small threat to sea lanes at the time of thawing. Less often icebergs drift to the north, reaching South America.

“Larsen of B broke up as shock-resistant glass in the car into thousands and thousands of pieces. It disappeared approximately in a week” — Fleming tells.
Last year was the hottest for all history, and with a big separation from the previous champion. Global temperature in 2016 was warmed up by greenhouse gases and a weather phenomenon of El Niño, the European service on control of climate change of Copernicus reported.

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