Heavenly nightmare: A woman in Texas was simultaneously attacked by a snake and a hawk

A Texas resident recently experienced a strange and truly frightening event when a snake fell on her from the sky and then was attacked by a hawk. The unbelievable incident reportedly occurred last Tuesday afternoon when Peggy Jones was mowing the lawn outside her home in the town of Silsbee. The routine job of tidying up the area turned into a nightmare when a snake plummeted from the sky and landed on her. The snake wrapped itself around her arm and, as she later recalled, “squeezed hard.”

In an attempt to get rid of the reptile, she began “waving her arms in the air,” but this attracted the attention of a hawk who had probably dropped the snake and wanted his snack back. Determined not to miss its food, the bird pounced on Jones, who recounted how “I just kept saying, ‘Help me, Jesus, help me, Jesus,'” as the incredible attack unfolded. Incredibly, she noted that the hawk made at least four attempts to take the snake before finally succeeding and flying off with the food, leaving a wounded and stunned Jones behind.

After receiving multiple cuts on her arm from the bird and fearing that she had also been bitten by the snake, Jones was taken to the hospital where she was treated after the double animal attack. Fortunately, doctors determined that the reptile only caused bruises by wrapping itself around her and that the more serious injuries were caused by the hawk. However, she noted that she later found “snake venom on her glasses,” indicating that she narrowly escaped being bitten during the horrific experience. Recalling the stunning incident, Jones said: “I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I survived!”

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